My overall vision for my practice is to provide a place where people can come to start or continue a new leg in their journey of self-transformation and health with the help of naturopathic therapies, the guidance of naturopathic philosophy, my experience, and most importantly, my ancestors.

My goal is to help my patients re-connect with their inner-wisdom so they can re-ignite and re-open the flow of their vital energy to heal the mind and body and return to harmony with their authentic self.

Health: A Different Perspective

Disease, or dis-ease – is a state of imbalance due to blocks –  be they mental, emotional, physical,  or environmental.  This disharmony results in symptoms like anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic digestive disorders, rashes, hormone imbalances, pain and other forms of distress.

Symptoms are our body’s language to let us know when something is out of balance with our environment, our organs and many times even our perceptions of who we are and how we define ourselves.

I approach health  in a way that achieves a dynamic harmony rather than A LACK OF SYMPTOMS. A state in which day-to-day choices allow us to come closer or get further away from optimal function of mind, body, and spirit. With that dynamic harmony comes resiliency – the ability to “bounce back” from any “insults” to our physical/mental/emotional bodies. It is always in flux – constant change. .

Treatment then entails discerning where the blocks to function have formed and how to address and remove these blocks with a variety of naturopathic tools and therapies to put you back into the driver’s seat when it comes to your health. The most crucial part of this process is your complete participation and collaboration in your journey towards a state of dynamic harmony!


It is important for me to know your expectations regarding your health to best serve you. As a practitioner, I expect:

  • You are here willingly (this is most important!)
  • You are ready to fully participate, be engaged and invested in your journey with me
  • You are able and willing to try suggestions and recommendations given to you
  • You communicate with me honestly about what you are willing and able to change/ adapt in your lifestyle.
  • We work together to reach your goals – remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat. I offer guidance, tools and information for you to choose the route to your destination/ goal.

Is Naturopathic Medicine right for you?

Welcome to Natural Elements Medicine! If you would like to approach your health and wellness with a naturopathic doctor, read on!

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

A Naturopathic Doctor is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Oregon. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions in a holistic manner using the least invasive methods possible. Every patient receives individualized care and attention. Nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, botanical medicine and homeopathy are some of the tools that Naturopathic Doctors can use to help patients reach optimal health.

The Guiding Principles
Naturopathic Medicine

First do no harm: I strive to use of the most effective, least invasive approach necessary to restore your health.

The healing power of nature: there are directives encoded into our DNA that inform how our bodies work – in naturopathic terms, this is called “the Vis”, or the vital force, in a body that is inherent in every living being. My goal is to work with the vital force to allow it to restore balance to your body/mind function.

Identify and treat the cause: I look for patterns and symptoms to find the “break” or “disharmony” in the Vis, in order to address that disruption to bring the self back into balance.

Treat the whole person: This includes the spirit, the mind, and the body, along with your relationship with your environment. Therapies are based not on set protocols, but rather tools and medicines that are specific to what you need as a whole, rather than as a condition or diagnosis.

Doctor as teacher: The word “doctor” is derived from the latin “docere” – which means to teach. In my practice, I see myself as a guide to provide you with information, choices with their possible outcomes so that you can make well-informed decisions about your health and wellness.

Prevention is the best cure: Lastly and firstly – my effort in teaching/guiding is to help you understand your body’s language and what you need as a person to maintain wellness and balance in your life to build resiliency and a fuller sense of well-being.

Common Conditions Treated

Natural Elements Medicine is a naturopathic medical practice and an educational resource for the community. Dr. Zia, Albany Oregon’s premier naturopathic doctor offers online and live classes focusing on self care, health and natural methods of establishing and maintaining strong foundations for well-being. She treats a variety of conditions, some more common ones are listed below.

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez of Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon

Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez in Practice

N.D., 2008 National College of Natural Medicine

I started out my practice in 2009 in New Mexico after receiving my naturopathic medicine degree from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon. There, I had the opportunity to teach at Northern New Mexico College and began giving public talks about health and wellness.

In 2011, I moved back to Oregon – this time to Albany – and opened my current practice, Natural Elements Medicine. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with many patients in treating such illnesses, as gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, asthma and hormone imbalances using botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, physical medicine and pharmacology.

I focus in treating the whole person, following naturopathic philosophy. I begin by listening to your story – your experience. It is through understanding of how you got to where you are that I can guide you to reach your healthcare goals.

Currently, Dr. Zia also serves at La Clinica de Guadalupe in Salem on Mondays and Fridays. 

About Dr. Zia, a Brief History Illustrated

Sometimes people ask me how I came about becoming a naturopathic doctor. Here’s a brief history illustrated.

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez' Journey to being a Naturopathic Doctor

When I was a young’un, my favorite question was … WHY? And like any typical kid, I had a HUGE sweet tooth!

When I was in college, I learned about how everything was connected, and started on my journey to learning about health.

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez' Journey to being a Naturopathic Doctor

I got a job working at NCNM filling tinctures, working with herbs and supplements – and I learned a lot.

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez' Journey to being a Naturopathic Doctor

At one point, I pondered whether becoming a naturopathic doctor was my calling…and I decided it was.

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez' Journey to being a Naturopathic Doctor

I went to school, and of course, my kids kept me focused!

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez' Journey to being a Naturopathic Doctor

And today, I dedicate myself to practicing my craft with love and enthusiasm! (note: this image is how I feel, not what I actually do!)

Intro to Naturopathic Medicine FAQ

Find answers to your naturopathic medicine questions, from who Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez is, to her experience and what it means to work in naturopathic medicine.

Who is Dr. Zia?
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Who is Dr. Zia?

Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez is a Naturopathic Doctor who has been in practice in Albany since 2011. She is a graduate of National College of Natural Medicine.

Why Did Dr. Zia Become a Doctor?
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Why Did Dr. Zia Become A Doctor?

Ever since Dr. Zia could remember she was a curious child. Her interest in ecology led to her interest in naturopathic medicine.

What are Dr. Zia's Goals?
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What Are Dr. Zia's Goals?

Dr. Zia’s goal is to help patients reconnect with their bodies and to find their own harmony.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?
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What is a naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic Doctors are primary care level practitioners in Oregon. They are trained in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses like other doctors.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?
What is the Naturopathic Philosophy?
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What is naturopathic philosophy?

We believe in the healing power of nature and the bodies ability to heal itself. Learn more about these philosophies.

What is a naturopathic philosophy
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What is the naturopathic approach to health?

The naturopathic philosophy is to remove obstacles, and let the body heal through diet, nutrition, hydrotherapy, supplements and more.

What is a naturopathic approach to health
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Who comes to see a naturopathic doctor?

Patients range from people looking for guidance to improve their health  to individuals with chronic illnesses that aren’t seeing the results they desire and are looking for a more complete approach.

Do I have to Leave my Primary Care Doctor?
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What if I already have a primary care doctor?

Dr. Zia regularly works as a team with other doctors and specialists to reach your healthcare goals.

Do I have to leave my primary doctor?