Fee Schedule

Learn more about our naturopathic medicine services pricing. These prices are approximate and are subject to change based on severity of the condition and time spent in a visit.

Fee Schedule*

* Fees are approximate. TOS is determined per minute. 

** The prospective patient informal consults do not include recommendations. They serve as a meet & greet platform to answer any questions about naturopathic medicine or the services offered.

Follow-up consults are always preferred in person but video/phone consult options are also available.


*** There is a 10% time of service payment discount for consults and bodywork only. A sliding scale discount is available.

Bodywork & Labs

LENS Biofeedback

Phone Consultations

Phone calls greater than 5 minutes in length with the doctor will be subject to a consultation charge if not related to a prior office visit/clarification. The fee is nonrefundable and is often not billable to insurance.

Cancellation Policy

Dr. Zia kindly requests a 24 hour notice for cancellation of your appointment. A cancellation fee of $60 is charged for missed appointments. Exceptions can be made for emergencies at the provider’s discretion.

Financial Policy

Payment is expected at the time of the service and can be made by personal check, cash or credit card.

Financial Hardship Discounts

Natural Elements Medicine is able to extend discounts for families without insurance, high deductibles and for those whose insurance does not cover naturopathic services.

Please see the table below. If your family’s income falls below the monthly income guide, you are eligible for a hardship discount.

NOTE: if your income is above the guidelines, we do offer a 10% discount when you pay for your visit at the time of service. 

To apply for consideration, please fill out the Financial Hardship Application.

All discounts are based on household annual gross income. Discounts are for office visits only; they do not apply to materials, phone/portal communication (see our regular clinic policies for details), administrative fees, supplements, or other charges. All patients with an current sliding scale agreement are required to have an active credit card on file.

# of people in household

Monthly income

















For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $368 for each additional person.