Get Started with your Food Intolerance Assessment

At Natural Elements Medicine, we use the Carroll Food Intolerance Assessment to help determine which food groups you do not digest well. This is an invaluable tool to begin on the journey to health. Removing food intolerances from the diet can help reduce a wide variety of symptoms by improving digestion and absorption of the foods you eat.

The Carroll food intolerance method of testing, often referred to as a Carroll test or food intolerance test, is not a standard diagnostic test. We do not use this test to diagnose disease. We use it to help us understand the digestive and metabolic capacity of a patient’s body.

The Carroll test is different from allergy tests that are used to determine which foods or substances may be overwhelming the immune system at a particular moment in time. The Carroll evaluation determines an innate imbalance in the genetic predisposition to digest particular foods or food groups. These results appear to be lifelong. Food intolerance is unchanging and needs to be determined only once.

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