Insurance Information

Please note that not all plans in the insurance companies listed cover naturopathic medical services. Please call your insurance to verify your benefits.

Insurance Information

Natural Elements Medicine/ Dr. Zia L Robles Hernandez is contracted in select plans with the following insurance companies:

Natural Elements Medicine will bill your insurance for your office visit (if there is verified naturopathic coverage) as a courtesy; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of your coverage to avoid any surprises. You should have a plan summary that contains your copay, deductible, and general coverage information.

For Out of Network Plans: We can submit your claim directly OR provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement upon request.

Medicare (Part A and B) and Medicaid (OHP): Neither of these programs credential naturopathic doctors; however, Dr. Zia extends a sliding scale fee program.

IF your insurance company does NOT cover naturopathic medicine: 

You can file a complaint to the Insurance Division of Oregon if your insurer:

  • Denies a claim for a service provided by your ND if they would cover it if offered by another provider. 
  • Doesn’t cover mandated routine preventive services because it’s performed by ND.
  • Count labs and diagnostic imaging against your maximum anual cap for “alternative benefits”.
  • Covers and office visit but refuses to cover a pharmaceutical prescription order because it was ordered by an ND.
  • Refuses to cover labs or diagnostic imaging where it would be covered by another provider. 
  • Any other practice you think is discriminatory. 

You can file: 

  1. Online
  2. Call 888-877-4894, select Life and Health option. 

Use the form below to verify your insurance benefits PRIOR to setting up first appointment. 

No Insurance?

Dr. Zia offers a sliding scale for patients who are uninsured or are enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare programs. She also offers a time of service discount if you do not qualify for the sliding scale fee reduction for payments received on the same day of service. Please fill out Financial Hardship Application prior to your appointment.

Medicare Does Not usually Cover Naturopathic Treatment

Good News!😁 Some Medicare Advantage Plans Do!

Medicare Advantage Plans are an alternative to Original Medicare and often provide additional coverage that Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap Plans) DO NOT.

Many Plans provide some level of Benefits for Naturopathic treatment and can save you money. 

Contact a knowledgeable Insurance Agent to find out which plans provide the benefits you need!

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