Life under Construction

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it seems like there are times in our lives when life seems to stop us in our tracks and says, “you can’t go there anymore” and we are faced with a cross-roads – a decision to go somewhere EXCEPT where we were going. 

If 2020 didn’t do this to you, perhaps 2021 will or has. 

I can say the same about health.   There comes a point where our bodies no longer wants us to go in the direction we are headed. 

It’s at this junction many of us decide to take a different path – so what are the choices? 

We can always try to keep going the same way we were going – but the road is no longer smooth – there are obstacles and we may get stuck trying to do that. 

OR we can choose to do something different.

What is that different path?  That’s where it’s our choice to try a whole different approach. 

Sometimes that approach is naturopathic medicine.  So where does naturopathic medicine road take us? 

Over the last ten years of my journey as a naturopathic doctor, I see my role as a guide… a map that allows you to take the road that suits you best, and hopefully to remind you that there are always side streets on every road we choose. 


What has been crucial for me on my personal journey is this: 

Health is forever in motion – each and every action has a consequence – and no matter what I choose, I can choose differently each and every single moment. 

In short, Life allows for self correction (most of the time). This understanding allows for greater flexibility, and comfort in knowing that the more I listen to my body/mind/ spirit, the greater my freedom over time, and the easier it becomes – not to stick to one plan – but rather to continue following the path I need to follow.