Are you ready to go on the journey?

If you feel that Dr. Zia and Natural Elements Medicine’s approach to health
and wellness is what you are looking for, then learn more about expectations and next steps below.


It is important for me to know your expectations regarding your health to best serve you. As a practitioner, I expect that:

  • You are here willingly (this is most important!)
  • You are ready to fully participate, be engaged and invested in your journey with me
  • You are able and willing to try suggestions and recommendations given to you
  • You communicate with me honestly about what you are willing and able to change/ adapt in your lifestyle.
  • We work together to reach your goals – remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat. I offer guidance, tools and information for you to choose the route to your destination/ goal.

Next Steps

If you have read the information above, and you feel that Dr. Zia’s approach to health and wellness is what you are looking for, then these are the next steps:

  • READ and/or watch “Intro to Naturopathic Medicine FAQs (if you haven’t done so already).
  • If you have more specific questions, please make a complementary “meet and greet” consult. This is NOT to receive treatment information, only to clarify whether Dr. Zia’s approach is best for you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ/WATCHED THE FAQ’S PRIOR TO MAKING THIS APPOINTMENT.
  • If you are ready to make the first appointment, please fill out the following:
    • ALL Patients: Please read, print, sign and date Natural Element Medicine’s policies, consent form and financial agreement form.
    • If you hold COMMERCIAL INSURANCE/MEDICARE ADVANTAGE (PART C) POLICIES – please fill out INSURANCE VERIFICATION FORM to check on benefits and to ensure that Dr. Zia/ Natural Elements Medicine is in your network.
    • If you have medical insurance through MEDICARE (part a/b) and/or OHP or wish to self pay (due to high deductible plans, no insurance, or your plan does not cover Dr. Zia’s services) – and you would like to be considered for an income-based discount, please read and fill out a Sliding Scale Fee Agreement.
    • Read and download/print Natural Elements Medicine’s Clinic Policies for your reference only.
  • When you have completed these steps, please send/fax/email/ drop off these documents to Natural Elements Medicine (see contact info) and Dr. Zia will call you to set up a new patient appointment and sign you up to the patient portal.
  • At the time of your new patient appointment, you will also be enrolled in the “Foundations for Health” class for a discounted price of $40 (regular price $150) to give you access to online classes related to nutrition, hydration, breath/movement, and more specific information about food intolerances and allergies. This information is important so that you have a broader base of knowledge as you go through your healing journey. After completing these classes, you will have the opportunity (if you choose) to attend a group session (offered once a month), or a one-to one session with Dr. Zia to answer specific questions that pertain to your lifestyle and situation that you may have after watching the classes.

If you cannot print out these forms, please contact Natural Elements Medicine to request a new patient packet.

If you have records/ labs/imaging that you would like for dr. Zia to have access, please fill out the release of medical records form as well.