Patient Resources

Dr. Zia and Natural Elements Medicine will help you reach your healthcare goals. Access documents, patient portals, refill supplements, and learn more about farmer’s markets, water filtration and naturopathic medicine.

Patient PORTAL

ChARM provides visit summary and medical data from your treatments, shared documents between you and Dr. Zia, and prescription and lab result updates.


Fullscript is the safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade product refills from Natural Elements Medicine. This service is for existing patients only.

The Food Intolerances Substitution Guide from Natural Elements Medicine

The Food Intolerances Substitution Guide is recommended substitutions Dr. Zia from Natural Elements Medicine has compiled over the years.

Our goal is to make any recipe – whether new or familiar – in a way that all of your family can enjoy without worrying about having a food intolerance present in the ingredients. This is a powerful resource and a guide to learning how to substitute “unacceptable” ingredients in just about any recipe.

Learn more about Naturopathic Medicine

Natural Elements Medicine is a naturopathic medical practice and an educational resource for the community. Dr. Zia, Albany Oregon’s premier naturopathic doctor offers online and live classes focusing on self care, health and natural methods of establishing and maintaining strong foundations for well-being.