Water Quality During Times of Uncertainty

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Water Quality in Times of Uncertainty

This entire year has been one full of surprises – some good – some not so much. 

It feels like we are dodging and having to pivot at a moment’s notice. Maybe one minute our grocery stores are well stocked, the next – there is a shortage of the basics. 

Many people depend on buying bottled water for daily use – but what happens when that gets disrupted? 

My answer to that has been a Multipure water filter.   

These filters are high quality, NSF certified, economical and low maintenance.  Not only that – but through the end of the year – Multipure is offering a FREE WET (Water Emergency Treatment kit) which normally retails for $85 with the purchase of a Multipure water filter system. 

Water Emergency Treatment Kit

Are you curious? Take a look

If it piques your interest, please contact me at 541-791-6537 and leave a message!