Natural Elements Medicine

Natural Elements Medicine is a naturopathic medical practice and an educational resource for the community. Dr. Zia, Albany Oregon’s premier naturopathic doctor offers online and live classes focusing on self care, health and natural methods of establishing and maintaining strong foundations for well-being.


Dr. Zia CONTINUES TO  offer both in-person and HIPAA compliant telemedicine consults.

COVID Update:  

• Due to CDC guidelines we request that you wear a face mask/shield when you come into the office until further notice.  If you do not have a face cover, we do have either face coverings or face shields available for your use.  

• Please call the office if you require accommodations which will be determined on a case-by case basis. Your request will be addressed during normal office hours. 




Anyone over the age of 5 coming in to the office is expected to wear a face mask/shield. 

IF YOU HAVE CHILDRENPlease bring only the minor that needs care. If the appointment is for you and you do not have child care, we can arrange for telehealth consult instead.

Supplements/ Refills: If Dr. Zia recommends certain remedies or supplements during your telehealth appointments, she will prepare them and have them ready for you to pick up at a scheduled time. Alternatively, they can be drop shipped directly to your home. 

If you need a refill, please request them either by phone or patient portal. We will let you know when they are ready for pick up. 

Tips During COVID-19 Outbreaks

  • Wash your hands often
  • Keep your hands away from your face
  • Stay 5-6 feet away from others as much as possible
  • Wear a face covering when you are in indoor public spaces if you have a health condition that increases your risk of severe illness.


ESTABLISHED PATIENTS: Dr. Zia is able to order a COV-SAR2 PCR test for you through Samaritan Hospital. We are NOT administering these tests on site at this time.

Safe and effective treatments that strengthen your health

At Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon, Dr. Zia listens to individual concerns and health goals. She offers comprehensive diagnosis, individualized treatment protocols and effective wellness counseling with ongoing support and education to help you regain and sustain your health.

Dr. Zia cares about your journey towards health and provide a variety of treatment modalities, such as nutrition, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

Natural, Holistic Health Care for the Whole Family in Albany, Oregon

Naturopathic Medicine

At Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon, Dr. Zia listens to individual concerns and health goals. She offers comprehensive diagnosis, individualized treatment protocols and effective wellness counseling with ongoing support and education to help you regain and sustain your health.



New patients: find all the fun consent and release forms, as well as instructions on how to establish as a patient here at Natural Elements Medicine! Established patients: Find links to handouts, “how to’s” and the patient portal.

Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Zia and Natural Elements Medicine provide naturopathic services to the Albany, Oregon and surrounding communities
through physical exams, office consultations, counseling, food intolerance evaluations, LENS sessions, body work and more.

The Therapeutic Order of Treatment from AANMC

Better Your Health

Dr. Zia can teach classes via online platform to help her patients and the public with information about the basic foundations of physical health, which include nutrition, digestion, breath, and hydration and MORE.

Curious? Please reach out to Dr. Zia directly. 

Office Hours & Location

Regular Office Hours
Tuesday-Wednesday: 10:30-5:30pm
Thursdays: 12-4pm telehealth consult ONLY

Dr. Zia Robles-Hernandez of Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon

Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez

N.D., 2008 National College of Natural Medicine

My focus in treatment is treating the whole person following naturopathic philosophy. I begin by listening to your story – your experience. It is through understanding of how you got to where you are that I can guide you to reach your healthcare goals.

Classes for an Attainable Lifestyle

At Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon, Dr. Zia teaches the Four Elements for Health Living course! These classes will offer you simple, attainable lifestyle and dietary adjustments to increase your energy, mobility and healing potential!

Dr. Zia teaches each class independently and these classes include an online video course to use at your leisure.

What Patients are Saying about Natural Elements Medicine

Dr. Zia and Natural Elements Medicine in Albany, Oregon provide information and guidance for you to make the best decision you can to approach optimal function on a daily basis, putting you at the driver’s seat of your health.

Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez is a wonderful doctor. She is a very good listener and very knowledgeable. I can't believe how much time she spends with me, and she really cares. She always answers all my questions and encourages me to ask questions. She is very helpful. I feel less stressed after each visit. I'm so grateful I found her. I have recommended her to some of my friends and I hope to have my husband see her as well.

Learn more about Naturopathic Medicine

A Naturopathic Doctor is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Oregon. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions in a holistic manner using the least invasive methods possible. Learn more about nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, botanical medicine and homeopathy on our blog and read about Dr. Zia’s credentials.

The Food Intolerances Substitution Guide from Natural Elements Medicine

The Food Intolerances Substitution Guide

The Food Intolerances Substitution Guide is recommended substitutions Dr. Zia from Natural Elements Medicine has compiled over the years.

Our goal is to make any recipe – whether new or familiar – in a way that all of your family can enjoy without worrying about having a food intolerance present in the ingredients. This is a powerful resource and a guide to learning how to substitute “unacceptable” ingredients in just about any recipe.

Ready to Start Your Journey Towards Better Health?

Dr. Zia and Natural Elements Medicine practices naturopathic medicine and offers a variety of services in Albany, Oregon and the surrounding communities. We help you reach your healthcare goals. Book an appointment today.