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Being pulled in different directions by other doctors, feeling frustrated and very tired, I decided to seek a different option...
What Dr. Zia has done for me so quickly, is not only brought me back to feeling great and healthy but also inspired me to stay on track, make more healthy changes, and realize that a good quality of life is what I do to be healthy every day. 
Today, I am much more active and energetic...
To find the words that express my gratitude for Dr. Zia is difficult; she is wonderful and has changed my life! 
Michael O.

Dr. Zia worked to address my immediate concerns and put a plan in place to help balance hormones without doing anything invasive.
Dr. Zia is truly amazing!  Of course I appreciate the care that she has given to me, but she’s also a good human and gives back to the community doing clinics. I am grateful for her holistic approach, use of herbs and tinctures and most of all light hearted humor.
Nichol M. 

When speaking with Dr Zia you feel that she's genuinely listening to what you're saying  because she cares... She's not just "punching the clock" she really wants to help people be the healthiest they can be, and it shows. 
The most difficult part of my treatment plan was completely rearranging my diet. 
  It's a small price to pay for the results I have experienced. 

What is unique about Dr. Zia approach is that she looks at the whole body not just a single part. I appreciate that she looks for areas that connect which affect my well-being as a person. She always has plenty of time for me. She never pushes pills to try to solve my problems. In fact, she encourages a whole-body approach and a minimum amount of invasive treatments. She gives sound advice. Answers questions in layman’s terms and never rushes to be done with an appointment.
Stephen C.

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