Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What you can Expect at NEM?
First appointment is where I get to find out more about YOU!
Second appointment we create a game plan and begin your treatment. 
Follow ups then depend on your needs and goals.

2. Is this a good fit for me? 
Yes, if you have a strong desire to regain "the driver seat position" in determining how you navigate your health and to re-develop  connection between your Mind-Body-Heart.

3.  What makes us Unique?
Dr Zia will help you take into account the "big picture" with a strong emphasis on empowering you with tools to make a difference in your day-to -day management, individualized to YOUR needs.

4.  How much does this cost? 
That's a tricky question - please take a look at our fee schedule, however if Dr Zia will bill insurance for you, then how much a service costs depends on your insurance coverage/ copay/deductible which is determined by your insurance company. Dr. Zia also offers

5. Does insurance cover your services? 
If Dr. Zia is a provider on your insurance plan, coverage depends on  your plan and benefits. 
There are some services that Dr. Zia provides that are NOT covered by insurance. 

6. What Conditions do you treat? 
I consider myself a general practitioner, so I have experience helping with  a wide variety of conditions.  As a naturopathic doctor, I TREAT YOU as a whole person, not the disease.
Ready to Take Control of Your Health? 
Let's Do this.
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