The Story

Why Natural Elements Medicine? 
The unlikely beginnings... 
The dream of opening this practice began when I was a child, always curious about the "why" behind things. I had an intense curiosity about the reasons for traditions,   the motivations driving people and the connections between all creatures, plants and our environment.
 Fast forward many years, I found myself working at the learning clinic Medicinary at the National College of Natural Medicine. There, I was entirely intrigued by the magical connections between herbs, minerals, subtle energies and our bodies.  

 Before I knew it, I plunged into Naturopathic Medicine fully and whole-heartedly. My experience and interactions with the hundreds of patients I have had the opportunity to serve since then, has been a true gift. The constant interaction continually inspires me to deepen and broaden my skills in the art and science of this craft.

transforming healthcare.

Solving the most complex health challenges in a very down-to-earth way.

challenge accepted.

I learned this phrase from my sweetheart - we are here to accept our present to change our future. 

our mission.

"Our mission" referring to YOU and I as we take steps to regain the dynamic harmony of our lived experience through understanding our day-to-day choices and habits and their impact on our well-being.

our principles.

Heart Centered

First and foremost I believe that healing happens when we come to each situation with an open heart, in vulnerability in order to be able to see each person not as a “diagnosis”, but as a complex and complete being.

Tolle Totum /Tolle Causam (Treat the Cause/whole person) 

These are traditional naturopathic philosophies that is about finding/ identifying obstacles and being able to see the ripples of those obstacles in the entirety of a person’s experience. Without this perspective, any treatment becomes a “bandaid” treatment. 

Docere (To Teach)

This is a cornerstone of success in this practice. Teaching - or rather, sharing information to help you understand how you  got here  today, and how to transform it, is crucial for deep, transformative healing. This medicine is not based on faith, but rather understanding and clarity. This principle puts us on “the same page” - which breaks the traditional role of the “doctor” as “the one who knows” to “the one who shares”.

Vis-Medicatrix Naturae

Last and First of our principles- is the understanding that our body is connected to our environment, to other beings, to our mind, and to our soul. When these are aligned, healing is unavoidable.

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