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Dr. Zia Robles Hernandez 

N.D., 2008 National College of Natural Medicine
I started out my practice in 2009 in New Mexico after receiving my naturopathic medicine degree from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon. There, I had the opportunity to teach at Northern New Mexico College and began giving public talks about health and wellness.
In 2011, I moved back to Oregon – this time to Albany – and opened my current practice, Natural Elements Medicine, where I've been warned "never to retire".  Natural Medicine is one of my passions - one that stems from exploring the connections (nano and cosmic) between body-mind-heart-spirit/soul of ALL creation.
I've developed many skills and modalities - but underlying them all, are the basic foundations of respect and love for all of life. 

Outside of private practice, I serve as a provider at La Clinica de Guadalupe in Salem, and as a board member for the OANP (Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians)  and OBNM (Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine). 

The rest of the time, I finagle time out in the world dancing, creating, communing and for the most part, enjoying life! 

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